Resident Care

Philosophy of Resident Care

Holy Family Home is a residence for the elderly and those requiring long term care. It is a Home dedicated to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care in a loving environment based on Christian ideals and principles. The infinite value of every human life is recognized. The right of individuals to grow in relationship to themselves, others, and God, is respected and fostered. Residents are supported to live and die with dignity, surrounded by those who love them. Our motto To Serve is to Love is practiced through our belief in the following principles:

Our Founding Principles

  • Christian Values
  • Respect for the individual’s preferences
  • Support spiritual and cultural traditions
  • Recognition of diverse and changing needs
  • Families and residents are part of the Health Care Team
  • Recognition of residents with diminished capacity
  • Caregivers possess the skills and ability to support residents with diminished mental capacity
  • Promoting a supportive environment
  • Striving for best practices in Dementia Care
  • Compassionate end of life care

Bill of Rights

Holy Family Home is dedicated to the provision of quality care and to enhancing the quality of life of residents in accordance with Christian ideals. The Bill of Resident Rights affirms the inherent cooperation between residents, family and staff to enhance the quality of life within the home. It outlines and recognizes the basic rights to which every individual is entitled. The development of the bill is an affirmation of Holy Family’s mission to respect the inherent dignity and the well-being of residents.

We believe these rights can be respected and balanced with the community spirit or collective well-being of the home. When we recognize that the resident does not have the capacity to understand his or her rights, we will advocate on his or her behalf, with the family, to ensure his or her rights are met. The observance of these rights will contribute to effective resident care and to a greater quality of life for residents.

Resident Bill of Rights

Resident/Family Council

The Resident/Family Council is comprised of residents and family members who meet with a social worker on a regular basis to discuss common concerns and interests. Their suggestions and recommendations are shared with Administration and relevant departments. The Resident/Family Council is also involved in fund raising activities which help support unique programs and events planned by the residents.

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